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COVID-19 Transportation FAQ

Last Updated: 8/6/2021 5:11 AM

COVID FAQ for Transportation


Do bus drivers need to take temperatures of students before stepping onto the bus?

No. Since staff and students are required to self-screen at home, bus drivers do not need to take temperatures prior to the student stepping onto the bus.


What should the bus driver do if he/she suspects that a student is ill?

If the bus driver suspects that a student is ill while in transit, then the driver should make sure that the student is wearing their mask properly. A few windows should already be open on the bus for proper air circulation. Have the student sit in their own seat with no other student sitting in front, back or next to the possibly ill student. Please notify dispatch so that the parent/guardian can pick up their child from the school site. At the school site, the student should wait in the isolation room. Once the student leaves the isolation room, clean and disinfect the isolation room.