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COVID-19 Masks FAQ

Last Updated: 1/14/2022 5:39 PM

COVID FAQ for Masks


Do I have to wear a mask when I am alone?

No. A staff person alone in their classroom or office does not need to wear a mask.


Do I have to wear one when I am with my team?

Yes. In meeting with your team, all participants will wear a mask.


If a staff person or student requests a mask waiver, who do I direct them to?

Staff and student requests for a mask waiver should be sent to Josie Stijepovic, Director of Risk Management/COVID Safety Officer.For a staff person, please download the COVID-19 Reasonable Accommodations

Staff: To view and download the COVID-19 Reasonable Accommodations, click here.

Student: To view and download the Mask Waiver Form, click here

For questions or to submit form, contact Josie Stijpovic:
Phone: (760) 246-8691 x10208


Will this mask requirement be enforced? If so, how?

All staff and students are required to wear a mask. If a student does not have access to a mask, one will be provided free of charge by the school/District.

If a student has a health concern, then a mask waiver should be submitted to waive the mask-mandate.

If the student does not have a health concern and does not want to wear a mask, then the student will be offered Independent Study.


Do vaccinated staff need to wear masks?

Yes. Vaccinated staff are required to wear a mask.


Will vendors, visitors and volunteers be allowed on a school site?

Vendors, visitors and volunteers will be allowed on school sites if it is for essential needs (e.g. IT, M&), supplies and equipment deliveries, emergency personnel/first responders). Site leaders will need to monitor and manage visitors and vendors.